16 August 2022

Tuesday Links

A somewhat abbreviated Links post today, in part because every once in a while real life sucks, and then Blogger decides to put a cherry on top of the sundae that is my life, by complaining about links from 15 years ago. It could be a troll, looking to cause trouble, but that only works if Blogger/Google is willing to be the village idiot, and play along. (I referenced one such post/complaint in a post yesterday, but it was not the only one Google decided was a problem. Ain't technology wonderful?)

The Other McCain is up first with It Started With Darwinism. Moved on to other spheres, like Climate Change and COVID-19.

A law professor at Berkeley, Johnson was also the author of Darwin on Trial, and once remarked, “Something about the Darwinists’ rhetorical style made me think they had something to hide.” This is something any intelligent person must eventually notice. The advocates of coincidence as the explanation of everything become rather skittish when confronted by the most obvious arguments against their theory, and tend to resort to name-calling and censorship to discredit or silence their critics.

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ - Democrat Candidate for Pennsylvania Senate Returns to Campaign Trail After Hiding For Months Post-Stroke -- And Shows Signs of Cognitive Impairment

The good news is that he can probably live a mostly normal life.

The bad news is that he cannot live a normal senatorship.

But then, America elected -- or, "elected" -- a basement-hiding dementia patient as "President" so maybe we're just open to mentally impaired leaders now.

Again from The Other McCain - NY State Police Mystified by Motive of Muslim Who Stabbed Salman Rushdie. Actually stating the Truth (the obvious?) would be counter to the narrative.

Can we please stop pretending that he’s just a random “New Jersey man”?

Climate Depot - Russell Brand on The Great Reset: Farmers are being ‘bankrupted by top-down edicts…isn’t it possible, likely even, that that was always the intention?’

When [the people] see that the agriculture from Sri Lanka to the Netherlands is being bankrupted by top-down edicts to change their farming practices in ways that are presented as being ecologically friendly but close examination reveals that by his fruits shall we know him. If the result of an edict is it bankrupts farmers, allowing centralized agricultural interests to acquire land cheaply, then isn’t it possible likely even that that was always the intention?

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