14 August 2022

Self-defense Stops Mass Shooting

It would be Florida Man who threatened to shoot the crowd. Person threatens to 'shoot the crowd up', shot and killed by a bystander

An argument between two people escalated into a brawl involving 20. And I bet you thought your family gatherings were off the hook.

So one genius had the idea to go get a short-barreled shotgun out of his car and threaten to "shoot up" the crowd.

The police department says the 22-year-old refused to drop their weapon after multiple people confronted them, that's when the 32-year-old man, fired his weapon, hitting the armed suspect. The man had a Concealed Weapon License and remained on the scene with police to cooperate with the investigation.

No charges have been brought against the shooter because this happened in Florida, and not in Manhattan.

Self-defense is a human-right. (Hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms.)

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