04 August 2022

Have We Turned a Corner on Woke?

I don't think so, but we might be getting closer to that corner. Holy woke, Batman! Warner Bros SCRAPS $100m Batgirl movie because of shockingly bad test screen reactions - making it one of the most costly Hollywood castoffs EVER (and it won't even go to streaming)

It was apparently so bad, that the studio thought it would "hurt the brand." And this is a brand whose star of one of their movies, The Flash, was (is?) on the run from the law. My guess is that it was so over-the-top-woke, as to be cringe inducing, even in the Woke. It isn't the first time that has happened.

How bad does it have to be to walk away from a $100 million investment as sunk cost, when streaming it on your own streaming service should be minimal cost? Well, depending on how far through post production they are. Though if they were as close to release as they say, I would guess it was mostly done.

It would have featured Latina actress Leslie Grace in the titular role as she battled Brendan Fraser's Firefly who turned to a life of crime after he is fired from his job, loses his health insurance and could no longer care for his sick wife.

According to those who have seen the now-scrapped film, Michael Keaton's Batman was only featured in a few scenes — and did not serve as a mentor to Grace's Barbara Gordon, and the costumes were subpar.

Even the villain is Woke. "If only we had universal health care, there would be no villain." Or something.

There has been plenty said about the film on YouTube, and not much of it good. But then if the studios keep pissing all over the intellectual property they bought, they eventually won't have any IP to fall back on. They are close to that now. (See after the break for a small sampling of reactions.)

Some of us care about those comics, and those stories, though I never cared about Batgirl.

As I said, see after the break for a few reactions of the YT folks I like. I wanted to see if Critical Drinker was going to react, but he is apparently traveling on a book promo tour.


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