08 July 2022

Good Guy With a Gun Stops Bad Guy

That thing the Left says never happens, happened in Houston. Houston crime: Suspect killed by neighbor after shooting his mom | KHOU

Early Tuesday morning a son, who was acting strangely, shot his mother.

Investigators initially believed the man shot himself, when a neighbor came out and admitted to shooting the suspect to prevent him from killing his mother.

"The son stood over mom, shot her like three or four times, and that's when the good Samaritan took his shot and was able to strike the suspect," Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says.

The mother is out of surgery and expected to survive.

The shooting will be referred to a grand jury. I've been told that all fatal shootings go before a grand jury in Texas.

Defense of self and others is a human-right. This didn't take place in New Jersey. (via Twitter.)

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