04 July 2022

Get Woke, Piss People Off - UK Edition

People are tired of being lectured by Woke idiots. Halifax suffers exodus of customers after staff pronoun policy | Daily Mail Online

So Halifax Bank, a UK subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group, had an optional policy for employees to include pronouns on their badges. The first question is how optional that policy really would be, but that isn't the point of the kerfuffle.

When some people said that they were sick of corporate virtue signalling, a Halifax Social Media maven, who only goes by Andy M, said the following:

If you disagree with our values, you're welcome to close your account.

And given that the Halifax website says (or said anyway) that if you are perceived to be anti-trans, that they will close your account, or call the police. That is the epitome of tolerance and inclusion; calling the cops on people who don't do exactly what you tell them to do.

The Left has tried to spin this as a bunch of haters are leaving Halifax, but the truth seems to be that they are mostly upset with Andy M's invitation to leave. Even some on the Left are appalled.

Former Doctor Who scriptwriter Gareth Roberts, a Halifax customer since 1988, told the bank: 'I'm a homosexual man. I'm appalled by your adoption of this homophobic, woman-hating claptrap, and by your attitude to customers making perfectly reasonable objections to it.'

The best response by far:

One user said: 'Just closed my Halifax account after 19 years with them. They can stick their pronouns up their/his/her a**e'.

If you push people far enough, eventually they will push back.

It's hard to say how many accounts have been closed, probably not enough to warrant the attention that this is getting, but the whole thing has certainly not helped the Halifax brand.

There are many more responses listed than the 2 I've included here.

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