29 July 2022

Friday Links - 29 July

Pirate's Cove is up first with a bit of political theater. Congressional Staffers Stage Climate Crisis (scam) Sit In

Of course, you know there will be no consequences for these little snowflakes.

The Daley Gator is up next with Dissecting the language of Leftism

At The American Thinker John Dale Dunn looks at how to push back against the left, and their media messengers. A group he belongs to, the National Association of Scholars (NAS). is making an effort to refute the false talking point about America, its history and racism.

The Other McCain - ‘We Were Somewhere Around Barstow on the Edge of the Desert When the Trump Derangement Syndrome Began to Take Hold …’

Look, if Ed Driscoll wants to play the literary allusion sweepstakes, I’ll see his Allen Ginsberg and raise him a Hunter S. Thompson. But the important point, really, is not about trying to win a silly game of Internet one-upsmanship, but rather that Bill Kristol has become a pathetic joke — a caricature of a parody of a satire of a stereotype.

Don Surber - Republicans ignoring an increasingly irrelevant press

Republicans are adapting to a new environment. Technology has made ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest less powerful. Abandoning objectivity has made the media less credible.

Political Hat - Banned: The “G” Word

The claim is that “groomer” is being used as a slur against all LGBTQ∓c. people, and both Twitter and Reddit will ban the word… despite some homosexual groups who are against child grooming decrying labeling an actual “groomer” a “groomer”.

Granite Grok - Failing? Change the Rules

A recession is when the economy performs so poorly that the GDP declines for two consecutive quarters. Well, that is the old school definition, but not the new Biden definition. Joe claims that we cannot be in a recession because unemployment is so low and the economy is recovering so quickly. But, we still don’t have as many people working as pre-COVID, and if the economy was growing so fast, why is the GDP down for six months?

Again from The Other McCain - Still More Aspiring Rapper Updates

It’s been a busy week in the hip hop community, as young performers are being gunned down with astonishing frequency

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Mosquitoes Get The Upper Hand: Part 7. So ends another adventure from AC... Heat and Mosquitos are not my cup of tea, but you might want to check out the prior installments.

I didn’t see any Norse gods but I had fun and got slapped in the face with a fish. Ya’ win some, ya’ lose some. It’s still better than sitting on the couch being boring.

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