03 July 2022

As If Bureaucrats in California Care

I doubt that people can even sue anyone. Though felony stupidity really should be a crime. Experts: California lacked safeguards for gun owner info | AP News

A day may come when governments take security seriously, but it is not this day.

California Department of Justice screwed up. 100s of thousands of gun-owners in California had there personal data on the internet with no access controls. Because the state of California, home to a bunch of technology companies, can't get technology right. But doctors are probably the only group worse than lawyers when it comes to "Don't tell me how to do my job!"

Cybersecurity experts say the California Department of Justice apparently failed to follow basic security procedures on its website, exposing the personal information of potentially hundreds of thousands of gun owners.

Bad guys did access the data, and it is out there.

Already some are attempting to use the information to criticize gun control advocates who they say were revealed as having concealed carry permits.

Once the bureaucrats were notified of the problem, it still took them 24 hours to act.

“Given the sensitive nature of the data exposed and potential impact to those directly involved, I would expect a response in much less than 24 hours from notification to action,” [Tim Marley, a vice president for risk management at the cybersecurity firm Cerberus Sentinel,] said.

Because they don't care. They're liberals; they hope that gun owners have their homes invaded.

In the meantime Attorney General Rob Bonta seems to be reluctant to disclose information about the security failure. Though some of the flak is no doubt due to the fact that he is up for reelection this year.

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