28 June 2022

New York Has an Outbreak of Sanity

This is truly surprising. New York Supreme Court slaps down NYC bill that wanted to let 800,000 foreigners vote | Not the Bee

This latest victory for sanity comes from a very surprising place, the New York Supreme Court.

New York City wanted to let 800,000 "non-citizens" vote in local elections. Because the Left's attack on voting is a conspiracy theory. Except for local elections in NYC. Or something to that effect.

In short, there was absolutely no case for this law in NYC to actually go into effect. It was an utterly pointless virtue signal that only ended up embarrassing the far lefties supporting it.

I guess they were hoping the the "non-citizens" would be more in favor of dismantling law and order in NYC. Or something.


  1. Don't get too excited yet. In New York, the "Supreme Court" is a trial-level court. The decision will undoubtedly be appealed, so it will go to the Appellate Court and then the "real" Supreme Court, which in New York is called the Court of Appeals.

  2. It's just a Teaser. They have to pretend to uphold the law. I'm expecting this will be overturned. You don't actually believe they are not all angling to see America fall,do you?


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