24 June 2022

Friday Links - 24 June

The Other McCain is up first with In Shocking Decision, Supreme Court Agrees With Laws of 43 States. This story is bumped to the top because, well, I make the rules, and I love this story.

Professor Reynolds points out that today’s gun decision “will make essentially no difference in the 43 states that have shall-issue carry now. Its immediate impact will be limited to those may-issue states that make permits available at the discretion of the authorities.” So it’s not really that big of a deal, and is unlikely to lead to whatever nightmare scenarios may be lurking in the deranged imaginations of liberals.

Don Surber has an update on Get Woke/Go Broke. Kellogg goes woke, gets broken up. (And other companies too)

Caving to the woke crowd -- liberals who throw tantrums at things they don't like -- carries a price.

Again from The Other McCain - Guess Who Is Lying Again?

Every word Joe Biden says is a lie, including “and” and “the.” No intelligent person believes him, but we must remember that 50% of the population is below average.

American Thinker - The left vs. the right of self-defense

In the recent, predictable Democrat party push for gun control following the Uvalde shooting, has anyone asked the basic question, "Do you believe in the right of self-defense?" Many leftists believe that only the State has the right to defend its citizens. They believe that the State should possess a monopoly on the legal use of force.

Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog - Russo-Ukranian War Update for June 22, 2022

The general course of the Russio-Ukrainian War seems the same (Russia grinding out slow gains in the Severodonetsk front, while Ukraine gains back territory on the wings near Kharkiv and Kherson), but there are a lot of interesting stories out on the periphery of the conflict.

Neo - We finally get lots of detail on Uvalde, and what it says about the police reaction – and the general preparedness of the school – is terrible

However, a preliminary look at just a couple of minutes (I watched him describe some details about the doors and the locks or lack thereof), and the content of a few very quick summaries, indicates extremely serious problems and failures, not only with the police response – although failure of the police response (and particularly that of Arredondo, who appears to have been in way over his head) is certainly a very important part of it – but with the entire structure of the school and its lockdown preparedness.

One more time for The Other McCain - ‘Public Servants’ or Public Masters: Whom Does Your Local School Board Serve?

Most people don’t pay attention to school board elections, but the teachers and administrators do. Employees of the school system constitute an organized special interest, who can usually succeed in electing their chosen slate of board members — and, perhaps more importantly, they can prevent the election of any school board candidate who might disrupt the system.

The Post Millennial - Philadelphia woman set on fire in brutal attack at homeless encampment

Police documents state that Morales got into a fight with both a male and female in Harrowgate Park. The argument led to the female suspect setting the victim's body on fire after dousing her in a liquid, according to witnesses.

The Gateway Pundit - Get Woke, Go Broke: Netflix Axes 300 More Employees

Get woke, go broke.

Netflix axed another 300 employees in its latest round of layoffs.

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