24 June 2022

As Self-defense Gains Ground in Philadelphia...

Gun control groups panic. Because what else can they do? As more people get guns and carry permits, Philly sees a sharp rise in homicides ruled justified

These sorts of deadly clashes in which the intended victims survive and assailants die are rare in Philadelphia, but are becoming more common as a growing number of people have legally armed themselves amid rising numbers of carjackings, shootings, and homicides.

Justified homicides jumped 67% from 2020 to 2021 ― from 12 to 20 according to the Philadelphia Police Department. An additional six have been ruled justified by the department but are awaiting the District Attorney’s Office to sign off. In 2019, there were 10 justified killings, six in 2018 and eight in 2017, the department said.

The DA is not surprised by the increase, and he didn't express panic over the situation. The Gun Control groups are beginning to see that they have a problem, however.

The trend worries some analysts and gun-control advocates.

I won't repeat their insanity. You can guess what they have to say.

The article linked at the top, covers 3 self-defense shootings. One of them was at a Dollar Store. What happened to the man who defended himself is of interest, though not surprising if you read a lot of self-defense stories.

In the case of the Dollar General shooting, prosecutors and police concluded that the assistant manager, Junwan Perkins-Owens, 22, acted in self-defense in shooting the robber who burst into the store at Ninth Street and Girard Avenue. Perkins-Owens said he feared for his life as the intruder brandished what turned out to be a fake gun.

While he was not criminally charged, Perkins-Owens said he was fired for having a gun on company property. Asked for comment, Dollar General provided a number for a media-relations firm. That number turned out to be nonworking.

Because Dollar General, and a lot of other companies, would rather see dead employees than dead bad guys. In this case it turned out that the bad guy had a "fake gun." That won't be true in every case.

And while I am concentrating on the statistics, and the narrative of the gun-grabbers, you really should click thru and read the details. It is good to see people taking responsibility for the safety of themselves and their families.

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