12 May 2022

The Left Is Sad About anti-COVID Lawsuits

They seem QUITE disturbed by the prospect of freedom. ‘It’s a tsunami’: Legal challenges threatening public health policy

Mounting legal challenges to pandemic public health rules — and judges’ increasing willingness to overrule medical experts — threaten to erode the influence of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government health authorities.

What authority would that be? The right to override "My Body, My Choice" when it comes to experimental vaccines? (Look up the idea of Informed Consent. It has been a bedrock of medical ethics since the end of the Second World War.) OR are the miffed at losing the authority to order lockdowns that didn't stop a contagious disease, but did contribute to an educational crisis and a mental health crisis, or the ability to mandate masks, which were also of questionable value?

And suddenly professors at universities are disturbed by the litigation explosion that has gripped this country since the 1970s or 1980s. I guess they were happy to sue everyone for Leftist causes.

“Litigation invites litigation invites litigation,” said Wendy Parmet, faculty co-director at the Center for Health Policy and Law at Northeastern University. It’s a cycle that “creates enormous uncertainty about what CDC could do going forward should the pandemic worsen again, or should another pandemic or even a more regional outbreak arise.”

What the CDC CANNOT do, is violate the Constitution. They are not above and beyond the rule of law. The Left doesn't seem to understand that, but then they don't seem to understand why the Rule of Law is so important to Western Civilization.

Hat tip to William Teach at Pirate's Cove: Authoritarians Seem Upset Over All The COVID Lawsuits, who notes...

They really do not like the notion of the People fighting for their freedom

And also, about Public Health Professionals quitting their jobs in frustration:

Well, let them leave. They are not rulers. They aren’t dictators. We have laws, and we have a federal Constitution, alone with state constitutions. What they, and all the politicians using mandates (mostly Democrats, with a smattering of Republicans), are upset is that they will have a tough time slapping more restrictions on the lives of ordinary citizens.

There is more at both links above.

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