22 May 2022

Life Lessons of Modern Entertainment (they suck)

In short, the lessons taught by modern entertainment are horrible.

Critical Drinker has some fascinating videos. Some make me laugh out loud. Some make me think. Some, do both.

This is the Critical Drinker's video: Why Modern Movies Suck - They Teach Us Awful Lessons, from March 11th.

I don't why I first watched a Critical Drinker video. Probably he had a review of a movie I was thinking of seeing. But he made enough of an impression that I watched more.


  1. Thanks for the Critical Drinker recommendation. I'd never noticed him before. I watched the video you embedded, which I thought was pretty spot on, and then watched his summary of Moon Knight. I just watched that series because, hey, once a week I like to veg and watch something entertaining over dinner. I think the only thing I got out of it was confusion. Interesting to see what a real writer thought of it.

    1. Moon Knight was an incoherent mess. I was fast forwarding through/skipping sections of the episodes by the end. And I love graphic novels, and I loved most of the early MCU stuff, but Disney seems determined to destroy the intellectual property for The Message™


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