18 May 2022

It's the Machine's Fault

Blaming bad guys is so 20th Century. Ex-con who shot rifle into NYC crowd was free without bail

Norman has a history of emotional disturbance and a lengthy rap sheet that includes more than two dozen busts, a stint in state prison on an armed robbery conviction, and a pending Brooklyn gun case, according to records.

That's right. He was on bail for a gun crime when he was arrested for a gun crime. I can't even pretend to be shocked. Not about New York, where keeping people in jail is unfair. Or something.

It will be the gun's fault. (Just like I blame spoons for making me fat.) Not the fault of the bad guy, or the fault of the judge who gave him bail - he had no choice. And it certainly isn't the fault of the idiots in the State Assembly who decided that no one should be held on bail, because there are reasons, that's why you racist F*ck!

I doubt he will be held on bail for this incident, though I believe that he can be. (Holding people on bail is NOT FAIR.)

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