20 May 2022

Disney Seems Determined to Destroy the Marvel Franchise

The folks at Disney are focused on one thing, as Critical Drinker says, "The Message™." Good writing, story telling, characters that are not cut outs of the generic "Strong Female Character." And I LOVE stories with strong female characters. But the Disney and the MCU don't seem to know how to write those characters.

Of course you could say that Amazon is doing even worse stuff to Lord of the Rings. Actually I think that they are truly in a race to the bottom.

Did anyone in Hollywood pay attention to the flop that occured when they tried to retcon/gender-switch the original Ghost Busters from a few years ago? Apparently not.

Ultimately the memeing potential of a show like this is probably going to launch a 1000 shit-posting accounts.

And as Critical Drinker points out in the video, why bother to come up with new superheros with new origin stories and powers, when you can just piss all over the intellectual property and gender swap all the superheroes from the past? That's a lot less work.

This is Critical Drinker's video for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law - LOL, Nope!


  1. I would be willing to bet that Vivid entertainment would do a better job than Disney ,at least it would be amusing

  2. The character of "She Hulk" was created by Stan Lee back in 1980. Supposedly, it was a legal maneuver because Marvel feared that the producers of the Hulk TV show would introduce a female Hulk character. Marvel created She Hulk so they would own any rights to a female Hulk.
    Now, I don't think this show is going to be anything other than a flaming dumpster fire of wokeness. But the character has a 40 year history.

    1. Yes I know the history of the Marvel Universe. And DC, Iron Horse and more

      The comment about retcon/gender-switching characters holds. And not just with the dumpster-fire of a movie that was the "relaunch" of Ghostbusters a few years back.

      Marvel, DC, et al and in the cinema world Disney, seem determined to destroy that 40 year history. From the entry in the comics where Captain America was reveled to secretly be a member of Hydra - that is evil - to the gay Batman, to whatever.

      I was doubtful when DC introduced The New 52 (2007?) and Batwoman, but the comic was superbly illustrated, even if the stories were not always great. When it was adapted for television she was literally turned into a female Bruce Wayne, because that is all they know how to do.

    2. Batwoman is a particular problem for me. They bought the rights to the IP, and then they ignored it. In the comic, she was not Bruce Wayne's cousin, her father was not in the dark about what she was doing, etc. The only thing they kept - with the little watching I did - was that she was booted out of a military academy for violating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

      That isn't the only reason that the series stank. The acting was good, but the writing was horrible. I could go on at length


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