08 April 2022

Friday Links - 8 April

The Feral Irishman starts things off with a New England history lesson. Of Rocks And Walls... From Mud To Gneiss....

It's amazing what the settlers did around New England. All by hand and horse and oxen.

Flopping Aces - Google: Be Evil

Google basically protected me from an app potentiually taking over my phone and stealing my data by… taking over my phone and stealing my data. I’m reminded of a lyric from that punk classic by DRI, “Violent Pacification” – Teach you to be nice to each other, kill you before we let you hurt each other. Thanks, Google! Maybe next time a warning might suffice?

The Gateway Pundit - Far-Left Journalist Breaks Down in Tears and Claims She Suffers Severe “PTSD” from Mean Tweets (VIDEO). Someone said something mean on the internet? That's never happened before.

Taylor Lorenz, who has a reputation as a “tattletale journalist,” is a reporter at The Washington Post who previously worked for New York Times. Lorenz has made a career of ruining lives of people who have different politics. She has ruined numerous

During the cringe interview, cry bully Lorenz claimed that she contemplated suicide due to her severe PTSD from mean tweets directed at her.

Granite Grok - Champions of Conformity, Enemies of Free Speech

Still, our freedom of speech has come under direct attack today, not by our government, but by elements within our society. The assault comes from the cancel culture. They call themselves “woke,” because they believe they’re somehow attuned to various social injustices infesting our society. But they’re not woke. They’re delusional – committed left-wing ideologues bent on fundamentally transforming America.

Blue Collar Prepping - Cosmoline

There are many ways to attempt removal of Cosmoline. Some work fairly well; some are actually dangerous; and some are a waste of time. Since Cosmoline melts at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, most of the better methods involve application of heat. However, Cosmoline has a flash point of 365 degrees Fahrenheit, so be careful not to apply to much heat or expose it to open flame.

Bear Bussjaeger - I Think This “Don’t Say Gay” BS Lawsuit Is Going To Backfire

The filing is 80 pages of But how I am supposed to teach 5yos about their sexuality, How do I discuss the meaning of a lesbian first-grader’s literature essay on how she came out, But this won’t let me tell kindergarteners about my same-sex love life, but let’s straight teachers talk about theirs.

It’s an 80 page confession of verbal child abuse and grooming.

Clair Wolfe at Living Freedom - Small things to do before the world descends into hell

You and I also know that the infamous “supply-chain problem” is much more than a mere supply-chain problem. It’s a symptom of much bigger things. And those infamous, if not infinite, problems are getting bigger, worse, and more dangerous.

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.”

Roberta X has some thoughts on stuff happening today. 1930s All Over Again and Speaking Of The 1930s....

It feels like I'm living in the 1930s, a Doc Savage story or something, only without the Man of Bronze, without the radio dramas or pulp magazines, no soda fountains or amazing technical advances in radio, none of the good stuff. Just the quack medicine and worrying disease outbreaks, just the economic uncertainty, cynical political demagogues.

The Other McCain - Unspeakable Atrocities in Ukraine

It would appear, based on this account, that Motyzhyn was perhaps the southernmost advance of the Russian force that came south out of Belarus via Borodyanka. The atrocities inflicted on the villagers at Motyzhyn seem to have been typical of the brutality that Russian troops practiced everywhere in Ukraine.

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