05 March 2022

Minneapolis Homeowner Defends Herself

It seems that some of the media don't want to believe this homeowner. Woman says she fired warning shots before killing man who broke into her garage - KSTP.com Eyewitness News

Police investigators say dispatchers received two 911 calls after several shots were fired the night of Feb. 22. The first caller said they had heard four shots and someone yelling. The second call came from the shooter, who said a male had broken into the detached garage behind her home on the 3300 block of 25th Avenue South and that she had shot him when he reached into his pants.

The guy who got shot was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

This version of story is actually not too bad. The Star Tribune's early treatment, and the treatment by several other Minneapolis media outlets, of this incident makes it clear that they don't believe a word said by homeowners who defend themselves.

There is a Ring camera that may cover at least some of the incident. It has not been released, and the cops in Minneapolis are getting warrants to access that video.

I'm sure more will be known eventually. In the meantime, even in a Blue City like Minneapolis, self-defense is a human-right.

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