26 March 2022

It Is Not Just Property Crime

The decline of law and order has deadly consequences. New Orleans minors arrested, accused in Mid-City deadly carjacking

A 73-year-old woman, Linda Frickey, was killed when she was carjacked by 4 juveniles. She got tangled in the seat-belt, because they did not give her time to get out of the car, and they dragged her for blocks.

Superintendent Shaun Ferguson confirmed that one 17-year-old boy, one 16-year-old girl, and two 15-year-old girls were arrested.

Not that their arrest will constitute justice.

There is apparently a crime-surge in New Orleans, because the DA, the police and the mayor are squabbling about funding.

And because this case has gotten a fair amount of media attention, the DA has been forced to act like a DA.

While we will allow the NOPD to complete a thorough investigation, any and all persons that the evidence shows participated in the murder of this elder will be prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law.

I will only believe that if they charge the 17-year-old as an adult.

There is video at that link above. It comes with a warning.

Western Civilization was nice while it lasted.

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