21 February 2022

This Mask Insanity Has Gotten Out of Control

Whatever your position on masks, it is clear that people are even more insane than they were before COVID. Clerk shot patron who refused to wear mask then killed self.

A guy wasn't wearing a mask, so the clerk would not help him. He walked out with 3 bags of chips that the clerk refused to ring up. The clerk followed him and started recording video on his phone. (Aren't there enough surveillance cameras in the average convenience store?)

The would-be customer took exception to that and an altercation ensued. Once the fight was broken up, the clerk drew a handgun and shot the would-be customer in the shoulder.

Then he had an argument with someone on the phone, and he shot himself in the head.

The officer wrote in the report that when he arrived on the scene, the man was still holding the handgun in one hand and cellphone in the other, lying on his back with no pulse and blood coming from his head.

Whoever you think was right or wrong, this is insane. And yes, they can BOTH be wrong, but then I guess we are living in insane times.

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