25 January 2022

Trust The Science? There Is Too Much Fraud

I suppose that The Atlantic will be censored for questioning The Science™. They are questioning ALL science. Gamers Are Better Than Scientists at Catching Fraud.

There were recently 2 cases of fraud. One in the gamining community regarding "speedrunning," and the other in medical research. Guess which community did a better job of policing the fraud.

Two weeks before Dream’s confession, and halfway around the world, another fraud scandal had just come to a conclusion. Following a long investigation, Japan’s Showa University released a report on one of its anesthesiology researchers, Hironobu Ueshima. Ueshima had turned out to be one of the most prolific scientific frauds in history, having partly or entirely fabricated records and data in at least 84 scientific papers, and altered data and misrepresented authorship on dozens more.

The medical research fraud has barely made a ripple in the media. There were no English-language articles on it outside of Retraction Watch, which exists to track the retraction of scientific papers.

The scientific community has long looked the other way when fraud allegations fly. That Ueshima’s university made such an extensive investigation of his work and published it for all to see is unusual. Skeptics and whistleblowers who spot potential fraud in researchers’ work are routinely ignored, stonewalled, or sometimes attacked by universities or journal editors who don’t have the time or inclination to dig into potentially forged (and potentially dangerous) studies.

And that is a problem because people - doctors - make decisions on scientific research. When that research is wrong, but not retracted, they are making decisions based on wrong data.

There is more, like how it took 12 years to expose the most prolific medical fraudster in history.

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