16 January 2022

The Media Seems to be Inciting a Riot

Because it is good for ratings, I suppose. Coroner’s inquest finds shooting of Black man in Missouri trailer park was justified

A white man shoot a black man in self-defense? It must be racism.

I wasn't there, neither were you. So if you say "you know what happened" without having been there, how exactly do you do that? Is there any evidence you would accept, or is it just "white man shot black man so he must be guilty because RACISM?"

A Crawford County Sheriff’s Department investigation after the shooting had found that Justin King had entered his neighbor’s home, the two had fought and the neighbor had shot King in self-defense.

I won't say that there are hundreds of articles on this incident and the finding of self-defense, but there are more than a few. And the all have the same tone. And the same message: RACISM.

Click thru for the sequence of events that lead up to the shooting.

When he died, King had THC from marijuana, nicotine, caffeine, methamphetamine and amphetamines in his system, a Crawford County deputy coroner said

And of course the relatives of the dead man are not going to accept self-defense under any circumstances.

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  1. "entered" is a neutral word, one that sucks all reality out of the incident.

    Was that entry known to the home owner?
    Was he invited?
    Did he force his way in, or break and enter?
    Did he become a threatening a-hole and refuse to leave when the legal resident told him too?
    Because he was higher than a kite?
    All of these deliberately omitted facts have some wee bearing on the justification (or lack thereof) of the shooting.

    A burglar (or worse) "enters" you home too.
    Conveying the fact in those terms is designed to obfuscate, not illuminate.

    When the media parses their descriptions more closely than Bill Clinton at a deposition, the likelihood that they're "lying with facts" approaches 100%.

    Thus here.


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