29 January 2022

How Should a Woman Defend Herself?

If not with a gun? Woman shoots, kills man in self-defense after he breaks into house, sheriff’s office says.

The sheriff’s office told FOX13 that 63-year-old William Hoskins began shooting outside of a house on Oak Valley Drive near Coldwater, MS, broke into the house with three people inside and continued shooting.

A woman who knew Hoskins shot him after he broke in.

I wish someone on the gun-hating Left would explain to me what she should have done differently.

Cops consider it a case of self-defense, which is a human-right.

1 comment:

  1. Well of course if the Neanderthals would step aside, the poor victim wouldn't have had a gun and wouldn't have been able to enter the house shooting. In that case all involved could have just sat down and reasoned together until the social workers arrived.


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