21 January 2022

Friday Links

Irons in the Fire starts us off with The left loves racism, as long as they're running it. Segregated playground nights. Segregated high school field trips. And more.

Both illegal as hell and immoral, and they know it, but they're doing it anyway.

Watts Up With That? - The Cost of Net Zero Electrification of the U.S.A.

The Daley Gator - When the censors need censoring? Rand Paul versus YouTube on the Subject of cloth masks, and the recent admissions by the CDC.

The Other McCain - White Lives Don’t Matter

Some lives matter in L.A., but Brianna Kupfer wasn’t one of those.

Bluebird of Bitterness - Happy [cheery, merry, joyful, jocular, gleeful] birthday, Peter You deserve a smile.

Granite Grok - Is The FBI still credible? In a word, No.

And again from Granite Grok - Intellectual Dishonesty – Hey, Union Leader, You Can’t Have it Both Ways!

Battleswarm Blog - Electric Van, Electric Van/Can You Find One? No One Can/Loses A Fight With Petroleum Van/Electric Van

Bear Bussjaeger - This begs an obvious question.

Why in hell were several hundred people carrying unloaded guns?

19th Ward Chicago - The Border Crisis Is Bad, But In Mexico A Larger Crisis Looms

Most Americans don’t realize it but the Mexican state is in serious trouble, and we won’t be able to ignore it for much longer

En-volve- America Is DOOMED: School FIRES Teacher For Not ‘Meowing’ Back At Student Who Identifies As A Cat

Again from The Daley Gator - Soooo, Boston schools forcing kids to study in classrooms with open windows?

When moonbats inflict Covid policy on children, there is a thin line between hysteria and sadism.

Flopping Aces - The COVID Crazy Train goes off the rails

We Are The Mighty - Why this rifle is one of the most popular in history The FN/FAL or Fabrique Nationale/Fusil Automatique Léger (light automatic rifle).

Again from The Other McCain - The Mysterious Motive Biden called Rittenhouse a "White Supremacist," but he won't talk about Malik Faisal Akram, the terrorist who took synagogue hostage.

So much of this incident doesn’t fit the preferred narrative of the political left.

Diogenes' Middle Finger - Many Americans Are Having a Ralphie-Ovaltine Moment, and I Don't Feel for Them.

The Gateway Pundit - Autopsy Reveals Death of 26-Year-Old Man Who Developed Myocarditis was Due to Pfizer Vaccine

The CDC was informed but still not following up despite verified proof that the vaccine inflamed and attacked Keating’s heart.

Again from The Other McCain - How Do Democrats Get Away With It? A different Justice System for Multimillionaire Democrats.

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