07 December 2021

Oakland Admits They Have a Problem

Reality has a way of intruding, given enough time and abrasion. Oakland could hire up to 76 more cops over next few years under mayor’s proposal

They still talk about their “re-imagine public safety,” or new approaches to reducing crime, but they are faced with the most homicides on record in a given year. So they have to do something.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff presented a plan Friday that could ultimately unleash 76 additional police officers to fight a deadly surge of gun violence that has wracked the city and contributed to a homicide count of 129 this year as of Friday afternoon.

"Gun violence." No people involved. No gang-members involved certainly! Just guns.

Even if they can hire 76 additional police officers, with the expected attrition, that will still put them short of their allocated headcount.

They are going to spend $18 million on "violence interrupters" to go to neighborhoods hard hit by crime. I hope it works, but it sounds a bit like building castles in the sand.

Their mission is to help connect families and individuals with services to stabilize their lives and prevent future shootings and homicides.

Ignorance of available services is not the driving cause of violence in the area. "If only they knew about public education ..." "If only they knew about whatever ..." If only they knew about Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, then maybe they would not choose a life of crime, not commit robberies and carjackings and murders. If only.

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  1. Hope they hire lots of lefturd white social workers, both chinless males and corss eyed females. They deserve what they get.


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