06 December 2021

Magnus Carlsen Wins Game 8 of the World Chess Championship Match

To date, six games have ended in a draw, and Magnus Carlsen has won 2 games. BREAKING: Carlsen Wins Game 8 As Nepo Falters In FIDE World Chess Championship - Chess.com

FIDE is International Chess Federation. The acronym comes from its name in French (Fédération Internationale des Échecs). The match is being held in Dubai.

I know most of you don't follow chess, and I don't either really, but the world championship is usually interesting, if you like that kind of thing.

It's hard to avoid the word "tilt" to describe the rapid demise of Nepomniachtchi's position after he blundered a pawn. He is now facing a two-point deficit with six games to go. To tie this match, let alone win it, will be a Herculean task.

Monday is a day of rest. Play will resume Tuesday.

In world championship history, only two challengers who were two points down against the reigning world champion managed to take over the match and win the title anyway: GM Max Euwe in 1935, where the match was limited to 30 games, and Bobby Fischer in 1972, when the so-called Match of the Century was over 24 games.

I suppose it is inevitable that the matches would be shorter in the 21st Century.

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