06 December 2021

Layers of Time

Lacuna Coil is an Italian band (they sing in English!) that has had a few changes over the years. The Wiki lists them differently in different places. Alternative Metal might be the best view of them today. They seem to be fairly well known among US Metal fans, which is actually unusual for European bands. Though they are mostly unknown to the American public.

This is a link to the lyrics for today's song, because, as much as I know you hate it, this song includes a fair amount of the Death Metal, Death Growl. That is the nature of Beauty and The Beast (the song-style, not the Disney movie).

Twisting, turning
Through the baptism of fire
Burning angels falling
Through the spiral of time

This is "Layers of Time" by Lacuna Coil from their 2019 album Black Anima.

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