24 December 2021

Friday Links - Christmas Eve

Adaptive Curmudgeon starts things off with Squirrels: Chapter 8: Part 00: The Squirrels Are Back

Another installment of Attack of the Lesbian Activist Squirrels will go live in a few hours! It’s my Christmas present to the world.

The Other McCain - Joe Biden, Blamer-in-Chief

Nothing is his fault, ever.

Granite Grok - Based on The Data, This IS a Pandemic of THE VACCINATED!

Adam Piggott - Formula 1 2021 – The defeat of Woke

Claire Wolfe - Violence, fantasy and reality: Where does it go from here? Part II The Misery Index, collapse of law and order, and where we go from here.

Pirate's Cove - “All Events Nowadays Are Augmented By ‘Climate Change'” Or Something

This is what science looks like when it’s consumed by a doomsday cult

A View from the Beach - Medical Journal Slams Facebook Fact Checkers

John Sexton at Hot Air - What standard should we hold Joe Biden to on COVID deaths?

Gun Free Zone - Getting hypoxia to own the Cons

Irons in the Fire - This is how I see it, too In a world where the vaccinated can give the disease to the vaccinated Firehand has some conclusions.

Baldilocks - Remembering Philip Ochieng Juliette O's eulogy for her father.

Meep at Stump - I come to bury Build Back Better, and dance on its grave The charts on inflation are the part I find most interesting.

Chicago Contrarian - Chicago's Latin School Screens Jewish Families for Wokeness Hard work and family structure as an antidote to discrimination torpedoes the Woke narrative, and so the "elite" schools can't have Jews in their midst. (Is it 1950 again?)

Again from The Other McCain - Joe Manchin Wrecks ‘Build Back Better,’ Ruins Christmas for Democrats

Victory Girls - Erasing Girls In The Name of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Again from Granite Grok - Weaponizing the State: Does NH DCYF Have a “Bitter Clingers” Problem?

Flopping Aces - Amazon Turned The Wheel of Time into The Wheel of Woke Because of course they did. Hollywood in 2021.

Off the Reservation - A great sifting of men

When the sane start talking about [Bronze Age Collapse] level events, I really start paying attention.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air - Nick Sandmann reaches settlement with NBC A "hat trick" of settlements.

Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media - The Morning Briefing: Manchin Exposes Dems' Ignorance of Flyover America

Gun Curious - Sociology of Guns Seminar Student Final Reflection #6: Gun Culture is Much More Complex Than It Seems While I can't link to all of the Student Reflection papers from Professor David Yamane's seminar on Gun Culture 2.0, I thought I should include 1. They are fairly interesting given they are written by college students.

Front Page - 6 Black Men Were Responsible for 70 Attacks on Asian Women

Will these arrests stop the media from repeating the lie that the attacks on Asian people by criminals have something to do with President Trump calling out China over the Wuhan Virus?

The Gateway Pundit - Doing Satan’s Work: Pentagon Orders Company to Stop Making Faith-Based Dog Tags (Video)

Again from Gun Free Zone - Say goodbye to air combat superiority

OldAFSarge at Chant du Départ - Deep in the Forest

In the woods to the east-northeast of the town of St. Vith, in the Belgian Ardennes, stands a memorial to an officer of the United States Army who died fighting the Germans during their last ditch offensive of World War II. The battle we know as the Battle of the Bulge.

Again from The Other McCain - ‘Shopping Cart Killer’ Caught, Police Say A serial killer who met his victims via online dating. A cautionary tale if there ever was one.

Again from Pirate's Cove - NYC Liberals Afraid To Work In Offices From Bad COVID Winter Scroll to the end for a comparison of New York and Florida.

Manhattan Contrarian - Which Country Or U.S. State Will Be The First To Hit The Renewable Energy Wall?

Four jurisdictions stand out from the rest, two of them European countries and the other two U.S. states: Germany, the UK, California, and New York.

And finally from OldAFSarge at Chant du Départ - Adventures in Dentistry Sarge is having some dental issues just in time for the holiday.

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