10 December 2021

Friday Links - 10 December

A slightly delayed Links post this week, but better late than never!

The Feral Irishman - Meanwhile At A Hampstead NH Gas Station....

The Other McCain - Crazy People Are Dangerous: Psycho Torches Fox Christmas Tree in Manhattan

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Dreams, Adventure, And Risk: Part 3

I camped in the winter when I was young and stupid. Why not camp in the winter now that I’m old and stupid?

Claire Wolfe - The consequences of avoiding reality

Granite Grok - mRNA “Vaccines” are Safe? – Athlete Cardiac Arrests Rise to 292 with 167 Dead Mostly European Soccer players. Professional athletes in their prime.

It’s gotten to be such a problem that Wikipedia stopped listing soccer players who had died during matches or just after. A list that dated back to 1889 ends in mid-October.

EBL - Sammy Kaye: Remember Pearl Harbor

American Thinker - Chicago is what happens when a culture loses its moral grounding A crowd beat a bus driver.

Listening to the assembled crowd jabbering and jeering like hyenas is deeply disturbing. These people have reverted to a world without brakes — and when I say brakes, I mean the twin brakes of morality, which creates control from within, and law enforcement, which asserts control from without.

Again from EBL - Altamont: 6 December 1969 The late 1960s version of the Astroworld fiasco. Hells Angeles providing security. Stabbing. A contract Hit on Mick Jagger.

Bookworm Room - Bookworm Beat 12/3/21: 2 years into the 2 week lockdown illustrated edition

HeyJackass! - Mostly Peaceful Weekend Once again HeyJackass! has the stats on a weekend in The Windy City.

Again from The Other McCain - Omicron Panic Porn

Show of hands: Who’s worried about the COVID-19 Omicron variant? Not me, and probably not you, either, because you’re not watching CNN, MSNBC or any of the other liberal media outlets that are pumping out pandemic panic porn.

Adam Piggott - Believe all women – the Alice Sebold edition

Vodkapundit - ANOTHER Tech Delay? It's Time to Kill the SLS Before It Kills NASA

The Daley Gator - Biden legal defeats rapidly piling up across the nation on broad array of policy fronts

Professor David Yamane at Gun Curious - Gun Culture 2.0 Book (Provisional) Table of Contents

I have finally gotten the pitch for my book on Gun Culture 2.0 into the hands of some literary agents.

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