19 November 2021

Friday Links - 19 November

The Other McCain starts things off with Kenosha: Verdict Today? Or Never?

The Ultimate Answer to Kings - Happily we now know that hyperinflation is a GOOD thing.

Sultan Knish - Worker Unions Endorsed Biden, Members Got Screwed. United Steelworkers endorsed Biden, now he has thrown them under the bus.

The Post Millennial - BLM protesters arrested outside Kenosha courthouse charged with felony, misdemeanors

Moonbattery - Biden Targets Energy Industry He Crippled

They break your legs because they are brutes. Then they yell at you for not marching fast enough. Welcome to Marxist rule.

Pirate's Cove - Climate Skeptics Are Now Attacking The Solutions Or Something

Chris Stigall at Town Hall - COVID Vaccines Are Shots in the Dark It is all about fear. Fear of losing your job, and other things.

Granite Grok - What’s in Your COVID Vaccine? FDA Asks judge If They Can Hide the Details for Another 55 Years

Battleswarm Blog - Is Austin Community College Breaking Federal Law By Discriminating Based On Race?

Again from Moonbattery - Bureaucrats Block Care for Special Needs Kids

Flopping Aces - Just Because the Stormtroopers Aren’t Kicking Down Your Door (yet) Doesn’t Mean You’re Free…

Again from Granite Grok - Parents Start Calling for Merrick Garland’s Resignation

Weasel Zippers - Pelosi Defends Supporting Tax Cut For Mega-Rich In Blue States She Would Benefit From

We Are The Mighty - 6 of the most notable pre-M16 military guns

Danna Loesch - Kyle Rittenhouse Isn't a Villain and There Is Nothing Wrong with Open Carry

DaTechGuy - My Question for the Left Attempting to Intimidate Jurors in the Rittenhouse case with threats of Violence…

Again from The Post Millennial - Marvel writer urges people to burn down the city of Kenosha over Rittenhouse trial verdict

Manhattan Contrarian - If You Read It In The Mainstream Media, It's Wrong -- Plastics Edition

Chicago Contrarian - Militant Media: Chicago Tribune Partners With Injustice Watch

Lone Star Parson - Morning

Behold early morning Texas.

SiGraybeard - The Big Gov Pretty Much Ruins Everything It Touches

Roberta X - Self-Defense Advice

Again from The Other McCain - Kenosha: Expect a Hung Jury AND Kenosha: Media-Induced Mistrial?

Diogenes Middle Finger - Reading Between the Lines

Again from DaTechGuy - How long can MSNBC viewers fall for the lies?

Small Dead Animals - I’ll Take “Alec Baldwin Gun Safety Tips For $1000”

Samizdata - Why the tabloids are the choice of adults

Broadsheet journalists are always concerned with carefully steering us, the dumb rabble, towards what they believe we should believe

Raconteur Report - Slam-O-Gram: Special Delivery

Manifestly, the 5th Circuit has had quite enough of Gropey Dopey's bullshit, and just shot it in the head. With a shotgun and slugs. Repeatedly.

Claire Wolfe at Living Freedom - We are — suddenly — not alone

Millions are just ordinary people who’ve had enough. Who will go no farther. And who are willing to risk all.

Juvat from Chant du Départ - Eh bien... C'était excitant ! * Juvat is dealing with the aftermath of a (minor) fire at the guesthouse.

OldAFSarge from Chant du Départ - Not Good AND Ch Ch Ch Changes ...

Flopping Aces - The “Justice” system is now entirely perverted The Justice you get depends on the party you support.

Campus Reform - Students demand revocation of assistant professors’ honorary degree for his Christian beliefs

Don Surber - 72% of office workers left Manhattan .I'm surprised the number isn't higher.

The Gateway Pundit - EXCLUSIVE: Potential Witness Tampering as Gaige Grosskreutz, the Felon Who Aimed His Gun at Kyle Rittenhouse, Had Two Prior Charges Dismissed by Prosecutors Only Days Before Trial And he was not charged as a felon in possession of a firearm. Maybe that's what they were holding back.

Again from Granite Grok - Sometimes You Actually Have to “Fight” for Freedom

As unpleasant as it sounds (and can actually be), sometimes one has to actually fight for freedom. Stern letters to the editor or tweets just don’t get the job done.

Bayou Renaissance Man - There are two Americas, and I refuse to live in one of them

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