24 October 2021

Volcanic Eruption on La Palma

The eruption seems to be intensifying. La Palma volcano update: eruption intensifies, new lava flow to the south

At least 4 active vents have been generating violent pulses of lava fountains with ash columns rising to approx. 3 km, as well feeding both surface lava flows directly from the vents as well as fueling the hidden-from-view lava tubes that transport most of the lava to active areas of the flow field downslope.

The number of earthquakes has increased.

There are some great photos at the site above, as I write this, the video from the live webcam (below) is amazing.

This is the live camera on the volcano Cumbre Vieja on La Palma.

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  1. Hey! It's good for tourism and pity donations. That is the island business and another eruption is good for business.


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