12 October 2021

The Rise of the Australian Police State

A 3 minute overview of some of the issues that have brought about the Police State in the once-free country of Australia.

The Discernable® Interviews is project of an Australian media organization that (I think) tries to present views that don't parrot the official narrative of the Powers-that-be. This is an interview with Greg Barns SC, barrister, political commentator, and former political candidate in Australia.

I've never seen a police officer who doesn't want more power.

The link to the full interview (it is 45 minutes or so) is below the embedded video

This is the 3-minute highlight: The Rise of The Police State

Full interview with Greg Barns SC - The Slow Death of Human Rights.

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  1. Law enforcement...like politics, draws people who seek power over others. The mere aspiration to these positions should be an automatic disqualifier.


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