27 October 2021

How Is That Bail Reform Working Out?

The Left will also claim that they need more gun laws, which they also won't enforce. Man shot robbery victim while on probation for one gun case and on bail for another gun case, prosecutors say - CWB Chicago

Because keeping violent offenders in jail would be unfair.

Omari Whitaker doesn’t qualify for our list of people who are accused of shooting, killing, or trying to kill others while on felony bail because prosecutors only charged him with a misdemeanor for the pending gun case — even though it was the second time police allegedly caught him illegally carrying a gun within seven months.

So, Whitaker, 23, will have to settle for a “dishonorable mention.”

One felony gun crime, handled by probation. Another gun crime "reduced" to a misdemeanor. I wonder how they will treat this guy now that he shot (and nearly killed) someone.

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  1. It is simple. If they only charge a for a "minor" offense for the first felony, then they have it easy the next time around. You have to plan ahead or destroying a city is too much work for the flunkies. The cops risk their live in the animal farm and the Corruptocrat flunkies risk paper cuts.


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