18 October 2021

Hallowed Be Thy Name

I have been sampling live performances of some bands lately. A few have shown up on these Monday posts. So here's another one.

Here's a link to the lyrics. While Bruce Dickinson has an incredible voice, and has incredible enunciation, the lyrics are complex. And dark.

This song is "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden recorded live at a concert in Toronto, on the 16th of March, 2008. It was originally on the 1982 album The Number of The Beast. Bruce Dickinson was the lead singer in both 1982 and for this concert.


  1. Bruce is also the pilot of Flight 666!

    1. I know that, but what I didn't know before seeing this video was how big their "private jet" was. Very cool

  2. Three (well 4 actually)bands with very different musical styles but one thing in common - they can all deliver live. Enjoy.




    1. Thanks for those. Actually all of those bands have been featured on this site, though you have to go back to Archive 2.0 (link above and to the right in the side bar) to find Wagakki Band.

      And Amaranthe did a cover of "82nd All The Way" last year that I featured.


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