15 October 2021

Friday Links

Gateway Pundit starts us off with NBA Player Got Blood Clots From COVID Vaccine that Ends His Season – NBA Told Him to Keep It Quiet (VIDEO)

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Skunked By Grouse: Motorcycle Trip: Part 9: Cliché Attack The end (?) of a series of posts on a motorcycle trip.

Pirate's Cove - FBI Launches New “Hate Crimes” Snitching Program

Manhattan Conservative - Useless Green Energy Hitting The Wall

Louder with Crowder - Unhinged Liberal Harpy Records Herself Screaming at Neighbors Until They Call the Cops on Her. The cop in the video is great.

Again from Gateway Pundit - “What Else Are You Hiding From the Public?” – Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research RUNS From Project Veritas Journalist (VIDEO)

View from the Porch - When Karens Attack...

Granted, this isn't the most egregious example of "If you see something, say something, no matter if you're a panicky idiot or not," since that record is still held by the time a Cartoon Network guerrilla advertising gimmick shut down the entire city of Boston, but it's pretty spectacular.

Granite Grok - The Attack on Parents by the U.S. Attorney General Is Backfiring

Chicago Contrarian - To What Length Will Chicago’s Fawning Media Go to Protect Kim Foxx? Crimes not prosecuted. Criminals let go free. Not one or two. Many.

Captain's Journal - NRA Circling The Drain

Schneier on Security - Airline Passenger Mistakes Vintage Camera for a Bomb

Back in 2007, I called this the “war on the unexpected.” It’s why “see something, say something” doesn’t work. If you put amateurs in the front lines of security, don’t be surprised when you get amateur security.

Flopping Aces - How Did Weak Men Become Strong Enough To Topple The Most Powerful Nation In History?

Lone Star Parson - You Wicked Old Fake

Gun Free Zone - Everything is more corrupt than you can imagine. Parents designated as domestic terrorists to cover up school board policy that protects rapists.

The Other McCain - MBD’s Trump Problem, and Mine

Again from Lone Star Parson - Columbus Day

It's a good day to celebrate and if our trending tofu Maoists don't like it, too bad. They can speak to the monkey.

Again from Flopping Aces - How Biden and Buttigieg caused an oil spill in California

Don Surber - Reindeer shut down windmills

This is an intriguing battle between the Sky-Is-Falling-Build-Windmills left and the Worship-Indigenous-People left.

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain - The Annual Admiral Of The Ocean Sea Appreciation Post

Smitty at The Other McCain - Terry Wary, Sig is Scary, Next Month’s Vote, Might Not Carry

HeyJackass! has the stats from last weekend in Chicago - Mutual Combatants Weekend

Again from Rober Stacy McCain - ‘Smart Takes’ = Too Clever By Half Jonathan Chait, partisan Democrat.

Small Dead Animals - The Green Energy Scam

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