18 October 2021

Don't Bring a Hatchet to a Gunfight

You can also file this under, either "He suffered a failure of the victim-selection process," or a failure of "The How Dare You Live Without Me" attitude. Former NASCAR Driver Fatally Shot After Attacking Ex With Hatchet - The Police Tribune.

I don't follow NASCAR, so the name John Wes Townley means nothing to me.

His divorce was finalized about a week ago. He apparently didn't take it well.

The police report said that Townley attacked his ex-wife with a hatchet and was going after Anderson when Anderson opened fire on him, NBC News reported.

“Mr. Anderson fired several shots from his gun which struck Mr. Townley and accidentally struck Ms. Townley,” according to the police report.

He died at the hospital. She is in serious condition, but is expected to survive.

The police don't know if he brought the hatchet with him, or if he found it at the home where he attacked his ex-wife, and Zachary Anderson.

He could have accepted the divorce. He could have gone drinking with friends. Instead he followed a course of action that had unfortunate consequences.

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