15 October 2021

At Least They Are Admitting They Failed

Or maybe not. Biden Begging for Lower Fuel Prices? : The Other McCain

Under the previous administration, the United States had not only achieved energy independence, but had become a net exporter of oil and gas. Oh, but those mean tweets! So now we’ve got feeble-minded Joe Biden in the White House, begging the Saudis for more oil?

That should work. Or maybe not.


  1. How come no mention of the massive environmental damage caused by the oil spill off the California coast. An oil spill caused by ships stacked up waiting to unload. But that pipeline is gone. We’re good!

  2. I wonder when was the last time slow joe had to pump his own gas, much less PAY for it. The same applies to his grocery bill..................or utilities or any of the other day to day expenses have to endure.


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