19 September 2021

World Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen Wins Norway Chess

With a preview of the World Championship Match scheduled for November. Magnus Carlsen Wins 2021 Norway Chess

I know most of you don't follow chess, even if you know how to play. But I follow it a little.

Norway Chess is an invitational tournament consisting of 6 players facing each other in a double round-robin tournament.

The players this year were Magnus Carlsen - Norway, Ian Nepomniachtchi - Russia, Richard Rapport - Hungary, Alireza Firouzja - France, Sergey Karjakin - Russia, and Aryan Tari - Norway.

Magnus Carlsen (reigning World Champion) and Ian Nepomniachtchi (winner of the Candidates Tournament) will face each other in World Championship match in Dubai, UAE. The match was postponed from last year due to COVID-19. In the classical game they played, they fought to a draw. (That was followed by a game of Armegeddon Chess, and so not really relavent to the Championship.)

The prize for first place in Norway Chess this year was about $81,000 US.

As for the World Championship match.

The prize fund will be $2 million. The winner will earn 60 percent of the prize fund, and 40 percent will go to the runner-up. If the match ends in a tie after 14 games and a tiebreak will decide matters, the winner receives 55 percent and the runner-up 45 percent.

Before the start of the match, each player receives two hundred thousand euros as an upfront payment of his eventual prize money. If the match is played in the country of one of the players, then the foreign player receives one hundred thousand euros of the prize fund and the remaining prize money is shared as stated above.

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