17 September 2021

3D Printed Guns in the Wild

Impro Guns has an update on the most common 3D Printed Guns seen in the wild. Seen by law enforcement, anyway.

The two most regularly encountered 3D printed firearm models currently being seized worldwide, the FGC-9 MK2 and Patrick Songbird .22lr

A couple of great photos aside from the main photo at the top of the article.

Here is an unrelated photo of the FGC-9


  1. And just how often are these being seen? - Given the time it takes to actually print the frame (16-20 hours) then the time to finish the frame, add all the components, etc it seems like an awful lot of work when criminals can just steal something.

    1. I guess I should have said that these tend to be found overseas, though one of the guns seized in the article linked above was from Fresno County.

      In countries where semiautomatic firearms are forbidden to the general public, various kinds of cottage industries spring up. In the past they have been to produce handmade versions of the 1911 or the AK-47/AK-74. But since the advent of Defense Distributed and the FGC-9 (and others) they are starting to show up with some frequency.

      Here's a story from June of this year: FGC-9 Factory in Finland

  2. I like the attribution to Bond villain "Drax"..... someone has a sense of humor.


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