03 August 2021

BLM - Your Kids Shouldn't Go to a Good College

Because wanting your kids to have a decent education is Racist. Wokeness Hits Home: BLM Group Wants Parents to Urge Their Kids Not to Apply to Top Colleges.

As the scourge of “woke” social justice ideology spreads across the nation, most Americans seem ambivalent. What does it matter to them if Major League Baseball moves the All-Star Game out of Atlanta? They still get to watch it. What does it matter if Disney and Coke subject employees to trainings about being “less white”? That’s somebody else’s problem.

Yet parents in Dallas just got a wake-up call. The local Black Lives Matter group Dallas Justice Now launched a new campaign, urging white parents in wealthy Highland Park to sign a pledge to keep their children from applying to America’s top colleges — in the name of “equity.” The organization’s letter to parents lays the guilt on thick.

Because until everyone is crushed down to the lowest common denominator, we all won't be equal. And if you are smart enough to get into a good university, well that is unfair, you racist monster. And don't even bring up STEM majors because 2+2=4 is also racist.

Marxist critical race theory and the “anti-racism” movement claim that a hidden racism pervades American society, despite the fact that federal law has explicitly barred racial discrimination for decades. Theorists strain to find racism in everything from capitalism and Christianity to basic politeness. This noxious ideology teaches Americans to demonize white people as oppressors due to the color of their skin and to suggest that black people are oppressed due to the color of their skin.

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