26 July 2021

What Do You Do When a Prosecutor Refuses to Prosecute?

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You don't wait for them. Fed up with Kim Foxx’s office, alderman wants city to take some matters into its own hands.

This aldermen, ex-police-officer Anthony Napolitano, wants the city to hanlde some crimes itself, since Crimesha (Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx) refuses to prosecute.

The crimes range from “looting and mob actions,” vandalism, possession of etching materials, paint and other markers used for graffiti to unlawful possession of a firearm and firearms ammunition and offenses committed in “public transportation safety zones” or near schools, parks and playgrounds.

Some of the things that the prosecutor has decided is OK. The result has been chaos.

“Destroying property. Looting stores. … It’s happening every weekend. The wildings downtown right now where you have a mob of about 30 kids standing around beating people up on the corners, taking phones and purses in broad daylight,” Napolitano said.

“Every week, there’s another police vehicle or fire vehicle or city vehicle being destroyed by wildings. … We’ve got four-wheelers and motorcycles on sidewalks on Michigan Avenue riding around. If you drive down the Kennedy Expressway, the entire city is covered in graffiti. I’ve never seen anything this bad before. … We’re a lawless city right now.”

I wish him luck, but I believe that this is locking the barn door after the horse has escaped. (Hat tip to 19th Ward Chicago.)

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