05 July 2021

Self-defense in California. Who Knew?

It is apparently becoming a thing. Deputies Release More Information In 2nd Deadly Shooting Of Suspected Home Intruder In Stanislaus County This Week

Given that the .gov has decided to not enforce the law...

According to the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office, it appears that a homeowner was alerted about a possible break-in at the property. The homeowner showed up, found someone on his property and went inside the house.

Deputies say 41-year-old Rodney Lee Martin shot at the homeowner multiple times, and the homeowner was able to return fire. He immediately reported the incident by calling 911 as he left the property.

The guy who got shot did not survive his injuries.

The homeowner has not been arrested.

Because even in The People's Republic of California, self-defense is a human-right.

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  1. Many rural areas of Kali are still decent places....it's the "big city morons" who run the state due to the population imbalance. Ninety percent of the populace live in ten percent of the land....and control the other ninety percent of the state. It's the same thing in Nevada where Clark County/Las Vegas which has about 80% of the state people essentially make ALL the decisions for the whole state...with the predictable communist results.


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