27 July 2021

Politics In Canada Are Even More Screwed Up than in the USA

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And that is saying something. It is "only" the Green party, but it is still amusing. Green Party mutiny continues as they turn against Annamie Paul for being pro-Israel.

A black, Jewish woman, Annamie Paul, currently heads the Green Party in Canada. Apparently some of the members of the party have an issue with the Jewish part of that equation. Or so it would seem to me.

But the question is: why the acrimony? Why the infighting? Why the hate-on for Ms. Paul? Well, the unspoken reason why so many Greens are turning red with rage regarding Ms. Paul seems to have everything to do with… her opinions regarding Mideast policy?!

When tensions were hitting a boiling point with Israel and Hamas back in May, Paul issued a statement calling for a de-escalation and a return to dialogue. That sounds rational, but not to the “progressive” Israel-haters in the Green Party, of which there appears to be many.

One of the MPs "crossed the aisle" to the Liberal party, but was then forced to "apologize" from some antisemitic views.

The conflict has been so intense that a no-confidence vote was to be taken, but ended up going to an arbitrator first. Now the party is suing to overturn the result of arbitration. EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Court documents reveal Green Party Leader Annamie Paul is being sued by her own party - Rebel News

New court documents filed Wednesday in Toronto in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against Green Party leader, Annamie Paul reveal the tortured process she has endured as she tried to stay in control of the party she was elected to lead in October.

Paul narrowly dodged a leadership review earlier this week as party old guard faithful to former leader Elizabeth May and vocal anti-Israel elements in the party try to maintain their stranglehold on the reigns of power.

They fired one of Paul's assistants around the time that one MP moved over to the Liberal Party.

And Trudeau's Liberal government was all set to exclude Paul from participating in their Antisemitism Summit. She is the "only Jewish federal party leader" so that didn't play too well. They relented and let her be an observer, but blocked her active participation. (Irony is not dead in Canada.)

So whenever you dispair about the state of things in Washington, DC, look at some of the other countries.

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