30 July 2021

Friday Links

Da Tech Guy - Post Christian/Marxist Sore Thumbs in Science, Law, Tribalism, Truth and the Fruits of it All Under the Fedora

Haven’t you ever wondered why so many totalitarian counties were behind scientifically or needed to steal secrets from the west?

First Street Journal - Why don’t neoconservatives, who support American-style liberty and democracy abroad, support liberty at home?

Don Surber - Ohio RINOs let killers go free

Ace of Spades HQ - Advertisers Complain About "Plummeting" Ratings of NBC's Olympics Coverage

Professor David Yamane - Sociology of Guns Module 2: Guns Are Normal, Normal People Use Guns The includes an embedded video of a talk given by Professor Yamane.

The Other McCain - Bang Bang Fang Fang: Eric Swalwell’s China Spy Secrets Inspire Painful Puns

Battleswarm Blog - Reminder: Significant Portions of Russia Are Still Primitive Crapholes

Again from Don Surber - How to get life skills in college "Get a job."

The Post Millennial - JK Rowling sent violent threats by trans activists The Acceptance and Tolerance of the Left: Do what we say or suffer.

Yes, but now hundreds of trans activists have threatened to beat, rape, assassinate and bomb me I’ve realised that this movement poses no risk to women whatsoever.

Again from The Other McCain - Liberalism as Organized Ignorance

And again from Robert Stacy McCain - Return of the Aspiring Rapper Update

Power Line - Time to Convert to Soccer? On the Woke, Woke, World of Sports...

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Motorcycle Exploration 2021: Part 3: Backwoods Social Strata AC is "primitive camping" in the heat of summer. And reflecting on society.

Blazing Cat Fur - MALCOLM: Churches are burning in Canada — do our politicians even care?

Second City Cop at Chicago Contrarian - On Chicago: "Misconception"

Are you going to believe Kim Foxx or your lying eyes Chicago?

Manhattan Contrarian - Chinese Virus Retrospective: The Shame Of Our Public Health "Experts"

Did you realize that the risk of death from Covid-19 has only been 0.2%?

And again from Don Surber - I don't care about this Olympics Woke Politics? Why would anyone watch that?

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