16 July 2021

Friday Links - 16 July

Manhattan Contrarian starts things off today with Interview with Jackie: How the Combination of Living in Spain and Covid-19 Turned a Liberal Into a Libertarian

Pirate's Cove - Climate Crisis (scam) Is Going Down When Voters Notice The Costs And Restrictions

Doing Something about Hotcoldwetdry is Very Important in theory. In practice, voters tend to shoot it down.

Granite Grok - Survival Instincts: Individual and Societal. COVID vaccines, Fact-checking SMS, Google censoring emails, and scary movies.

Pushing Rubber Downhill - Smoking is cool

Guns in the News - Prosecutor’s Treatment of Self-Defender Recalls Soviet Maxim about Showing the Crime

Manipulating the legal system so blatantly and arrogantly is reminiscent of a chilling sentiment from Joseph Stalin’s secret police go-to guy, Lavrentiy Beria, who boasted “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Critters: Pics Or It Didn’t Happen. AC has been watching Monarch butterflies emerge from their cocoons.

Giblertarians - The Decline of Institutional Trust

The Gregarious Loner - I expect this will be appealed all the way up... God Forbid people have rights recognized! Laws forbidding sale of handguns and handgun ammo to 18, 19 and 20 year olds have been held unconstitutional by the 4th Circuit. Part of it anyway.

Gorges' Grouse - Small But Mighty John Lincoln “Johnny” Clem's service in the Union Army started when he was 12 years old.

Professor David Yamane at Gun Curious - Prepping for Sociology of Guns Ver 7.0

This fall I will teach the course for the seventh time in seven academic years.

Political Hat - All The Sinners Are Saints In New York

The revitalization of New York that began in the 1990’s has reached the end of the line as New York embraces pro-criminal policies that makes the “Death Wish” and “The Punisher” look like fantasy utopias.

The Other McCain - 64 Shots: Londre ‘KTS Dre’ Sylvester Gunned Down Outside Chicago Jail Details on a recent gang killing in Chicago.

Juvat at Chant du Départ - Something about Movies Juvat has an update on a wine-cruise out Galveston scheduled for January, if you want to get in on the deal...

DC Clothesline - Man sends lizard saliva to 23andMe for DNA testing, exposing total fraud of company’s claims of human ancestry

The Right Scoop - REPORT: The US Navy isn’t ready for war

90 Miles for Tyranny - Vienna: Feminists attack media outlet for reporting 13-year-old girls rape and murder by Afghan asylum seekers...

Moonbattery - Time Magazine: Abolish Private Air Conditioning

On Sunday the thermometer reached 111°F here in Phoenix for the sixth consecutive day.

Chicks on the Right - Kamala Harris Acts Like Photocopying Your ID Is Equivalent To Splitting An Atom

Never Yet Melted - British Nun Identifies 700-Year-Old Manuscripts in Dante’s Handwriting

Power Line - The Metaphysics of Bacon Plant-based bacon? No thanks.

I say, with Homer Simpson, that you’ll never replace that miracle animal that gives us bacon, hot dogs, sausage, pork shops, baby back ribs, kielbasa, and the rest.

Again from Moonbattery - Next Menace Ahead: Alvin Bragg

Again from The Other McCain - Death at Chuck E. Cheese More reasons to avoid Chuck E. Cheese.

Legal Insurrection - Judge Withdraws Opinion Dismissing Boston Zip Code Quota Plan Case – “I’ve Been Misled” By Concealment of Anti-White Text Messages Cheers to Judge William Young for having integrity.

Jihad Watch - Canada: Government rep hands out map erasing Israel, Foreign Minister warns Israel not to be ‘provocative’

One last time from The Other McCain - CNN ‘Stepped Up,’ Covered Avenatti Prison Sentence, MSNBC Didn’t Avenatti made 122 appearances on CNN during his heyday.

The Geller Report - Report: Over a Third of Palestinian Deaths in Recent Firefight Were Caused by Failed Gaza Jihad Rockets

True North - Six things the media got wrong about the graves found near Residential Schools. I'm shocked that the media would get things wrong.

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