16 June 2021

With a Complete Lack of Consequences It Will Mean Nothing

The cops can arrest all the bad guys, but if the State's Attorney, Kim Foxx, keeps turning them all back out on the street with no consequences nothing will change. Police leaders create 42-page plan to keep city under control this coming weekend | CWB Chicago

School is out for Chicago Public Schools, and Juneteenth celebrations and the Puerto Rican Parade also take place this weekend.

Chicago police leaders have hatched a 42-page plan for the upcoming weekend that will have all cops working 12-hours shifts as additional officers reinforce the central business district and teams stand by for the possibility of mass arrests and juvenile detentions. That’s according to a copy of the plan provided to CWBChicago.

There is a good reason for this...

Millennium Park and nearby Loop side streets have been overrun repeatedly by hundreds of young people on weekend nights since late April.

The so-called “large group incidents” are disruptive to businesses, drivers, and pedestrians as some of the participants engage in fights, jump on cars, and occasionally batter strangers. But there have been more serious incidents, including several gun arrests, shots fired, and people shot during the incidents.

Like Sisyphus pushing the bolder up the mountain, they will accomplish nothing, if there are no long-term consequences for bad action. And Crimesha (Illinois State's Attorney for Cook County, Kim Foxx) is opposed to any kind of consequences. (Video by Jankovics Marcell. A great bit of annimation.)

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