05 June 2021

Why Anyone In the Center or on the Right is Using F*c*book Is Beyond Me

Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media has summed up a lot of people's feelings about F*c*book. The Morning Briefing: Kill Your Facebook

With respect to the Wuhan Virus originating in a lab...

Those of us who were called right-wing nutjob conspiracy freaks for the last year have been gleefully swimming in a big pool of “I told you so!” for the last few days. We were right all along about the possibility of a lab leak, and those who believed everything Anthony Fauci said have been proven to be paste-eating idiots.

The Left needed a way to brow-beat Trump and Wuhan Flu was the way to do that. Anyone not adhering to the approved narrative would be crushed.

There is more. Last year it was the laboratory origins of COVID. This year it is about the attacks on Israel.

There is quite a bit on the antisemitic attacks against the Jerusalem Prayer Team page, and how they pleaded for help from F*c*book to stem the tide of hate. F*c*book's response was to "unpublish" the JPT page.

“On Saturday, May 15, with no notice, no attempt to reach us, Facebook told us they had unpublished our JPT Facebook, citing this was due to the page being spam and violating their policies.” Vaughn said.
That’s how the FB brown shirts operate. They kill any information that is counter to the prevailing liberal narrative.

Shut up and believe what we tell you to believe.


  1. A number of large online firearms related companies use it like MidwayUSA and Brownells as well many others.

    What gives? Is what they gain from that really add to their bottom line?

    1. Inertia. It seemed like a good idea several years ago. And there is nothing so hard to change as your mind.

  2. Never did F book. Never will.

  3. To be a witness, you need to go where the sinners are. js


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