June 07, 2021

What Would You Do if You Were Attacked?

The guy who was attacked was carrying concealed. Man claiming self-defense released from custody after fatal shooting at St. Augustine bar.

Police were called to a shooting in front of a bar in St. Augustine, Florida.

Police say that witnesses identified the shooter as a man standing across the street wearing a black suit. He was later identified as Casado.

When the officer approached him, he reportedly said "that guy punched me three or four times" and handed the officer a pair of eyeglasses that had the arms bent.

The family of the dead guy are given more coverage than the actual crime, because this is the 21st Century and feelings are more important than facts. At least to "professional" journalists.

The investigation continues, and the State's Attorney will make the determination on any charges, but self-defense is a human-right, and in Florida it is usually your legal right.

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