11 June 2021

Totalitarians NEVER Give Up Power

Not much to add to that statement. We have a couple of stories, and they point out it isn't liberal or conservative. All flavors of politicians are on these power trips.

California is in the hands of a one-party system. Gov. Gavin Newsom Clings to COVID-19 Emergency Powers.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with a controlling, micromanaging leadership style that few other governors can match. Even as other states have lifted a lot of COVID-19 restrictions for those who have been vaccinated, following the guidance of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the California Democrat is ordering the state to re-open on his terms, not easing up the rules until June 15.

Because he knows best.

Britain is in similar hands. Lockdown Could Be Extended by “Between Two Weeks and a Month” Following “Grim” Briefing to Ministers by Whitty and Vallance

On Monday, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said (and not for the first time): “[It] still remains that there is nothing in the data currently to suggest step four [of the lockdown roadmap] can’t go ahead at the earliest date.”

This despite the low number of hospitalizations, and the existence of a vaccine. What is the justification? Shut up and do what we tell you to do.

Hat tip to Cafe Hayek for those 2 stories.

Canadians are struggling with their own Politicians-on-a-Power-Trip. Doug Ford is reluctant to give you back your freedoms

Ontario has been one of the most locked-down regions in the world, and Toronto one of the most locked-down cities. Manny Montenegrino joins Ezra Levant to discuss the provincial lockdown and the failures of the Ford government, including the premier's flip-flopping on school closures.

"He's offended every conservative value that I have fought for for 40 years," says Manny of Ford.

Ford is supposed to be a conservative. Definitely not a libertarian.

And like most authoritarian states, they want you to worship only the state. Karen Thorsrud, Persecutor of Christians: Crown, media, cover for GraceLife Church prosecutor.

The Crown prosecutor, Karen Thorsrud, serving in the case against GraceLife Church its pastor, James Coates, has remarkably had her name go unmentioned in the mainstream media throughout court proceedings. Despite there being no publication ban — it's not as though this is a case against a dangerous mafioso or some other dangerous, hardened criminal — the Crown and many in the media have made an effort not to share her name publicly.

Is this an attempt to cover for her shameful act of persecuting Christians in Canada?

I've covered Australia's police state earlier. Melbourne, or maybe the entire state of Victoria, has 1 new case of COVID-19. They are going to ease the lockdown, but the terms are insane. Masks (which are not effective) are REQUIRED indoors. No one can visit family. Etc.)

Here's what Sky News AU has to say. 'Media indulged' Andrews government patronises Victorians with 'nonsense': Kenny

"Now is the time to insist that no state imposes a lockdown again, and no state closes its internal borders."

The remarks come after the Victorian government announced some easing of restrictions from midnight on Thursday and their Chief Health officer Brett Sutton touted an "aggressive suppression" strategy as their aim to eliminate the virus.

Australia has used the COVID-19 epidemic to institute internal travel restrictions, along the lines of the old Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. And even though there is only 1 new case of the Kung Flu, the state of Victoria doesn't want to give up that control.

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