15 June 2021

Law & Order Breakdown in California

Some stores are closing. How long before they all close? Moonbattery: Looting Is New Normal in San Francisco Area

Groups of "youths" are stealing $100,000 of merchandise (or more) from the likes of Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Walgreens is closing stores because shoplifting less than $950 is legal in California, and they can't survive under those circumstances.

When you don't maintain law and order, you get crime and disorder.

This was the insight behind the Broken Windows approach to police work that allowed Rudy Giuliani to clean up New York City, which has since slipped back into dysfunction thanks to liberal rule. The current War on Police and ever more lenient treatment of criminals puts Broken Windows into reverse by encouraging crime.

Click thru for the details. (Hat tip to Pirate's Cove.)

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