12 June 2021

How Should an Elderly Man in a Wheelchair Defend Himself?

If not with a firearm? I really wish the gun-hating Left would explain that. Elderly homeowner fatally shoots tenant who kicked in door after rent dispute

This didn't happen in New Jersey; this is Texas.

He told police that the younger man had been staying with him for some time without paying rent, Willkens said. The homeowner locked out the tenant and told him not to come back, but the younger man kicked in his door.

The gun-hating Left either says "Run away," or "Just give them what they want." Well, this gentleman couldn't run away, and what should you do if they just want to beat you to death? (On the "give them what they want" front, the Left never wants to talk about rape, or child molesters, or...)

Without the means to defend themselves, the old and the infirm will be at the mercy of the young and the violent. The small will be at the mercy of the large. That is why we use tools, to overcome physical limitations.

Self-defense is a human-right. And this happened in Texas.

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  1. Stand your ground or be buried in the ground.


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