June 10, 2021

He Was Told to Leave. He Didn't Listen

Things didn't work out well for him after that. Man, 19, dies after being shot by Arlington homeowner

He was given the opportunity to walk away. He should have taken that opportunity.

The homeowner reportedly heard someone trying to break into his home through the slider back door around 4 a.m., Everett Police Lt. Robert Goetz said.

“He saw a shirtless male outside in the backyard,” Goetz said. “The homeowner gave the person warning that he was armed and to get out of his yard. He refused to comply and kept approaching the homeowner … The homeowner fired his handgun, striking the male.”

The would-be bad-guy died from his wound.

Everett Police are investigating because the dead guy is related to a Sheriff's Deputy from Snohomish County.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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